Port Talbot District Lions

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Events such as the car boot sales provides a service to local people for which the stall holders are charged a fee which goes into our charity fund.


At the fun events there are lots of opportunities to collect donations to the charity fund.


ugh, but it is a bonus when we work with like minded people who like to have fun at the same time.

We make payments from the charity fund to local people and organisations who, in our opinion, deserve help although we do of course need to balance requests and available funds.

Lions Clubs International, of which we are affiliated, run programmes such as SightFirst which because of the scale of these programmes require large amounts of money to make extraordinary changes for good to many millions of people around the world. We support these programmes.

Helping others is reward enough, but it is a bonus when we work with like minded people who like to have fun at the same time.


What We Do

Our Aim

What We Do

Best known for working to end preventable blindness, Lions Clubs participate in a diverse variety of projects within their local communities and internationally.

We are here to serve our community..

The principal aim of Lions Clubs is to provide help and funds to those in need, whilst enjoying the satisfaction, fellowship and fun that can be derived from taking part.


Lions Clubs are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those less fortunate people in our community.

In brief what the club members spend their time doing is:


  • Raising money for good causes through local events and activities.

  • Supporting local people and organisations with financial and practical help.

  • Participating in organised national and international programmes through Lions Clubs International by providing financial and practical help.

  • Having fun in the company of each other and the service of others.

Raising Money

Supporting Local People & Organisations

Participating in Organised Programmes

Having Fun

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